Translation and archaeology

GrondTaal translates. But ‘translation’ is a broad term.

To GrondTaal, translation means: to write a text in the target language that is both fluent and correct, and an accurate rendering of the meaning of the original. The result can be a literal translation, or a new creation that follows the spirit if not the letter of the source text. If required, GrondTaal will also proofread your finished text from a linguistic perspective, checking spelling, punctuation, grammar and style.

GrondTaal offers extensive international experience of all aspects of language and translation as well as professional expertise in archaeology and anthropology. Contact GrondTaal for a professional look at texts on for example

  • Archaeology of Western Europe
  • Archaeology of the Mediterranean region (especially Italy and Greece)

If your text is on other subjects….contact GrondTaal anyway! Each project is considered on a case-by-case basis. GrondTaal will be happy to refer you to a reliable colleague or company, if required.
In the past, projects handled by GrondTaal have ranged from specialist papers and monographs to brochures and exhibition texts for the general public.

GrondTaal is a member of Dutch professional organisations VOIA and PZO-ZZP.