Almost, almost! Two more days of work until my vacation begins. GrondTaal will be closed until Monday, July 28th. No email, no translations, no quotations, no administration. Nothing. Not quite true: I will go to Scotland, so there will actually be a lot of translation going on, day and night. And since my dear hosts are both archaeologists, much of it will be on archaeological matters. On my part, however, all translation will be spontaneous, improvised, sloppy, and most of the time even unconsciously done. My conscious brain will simply think English, or Dunglish when I get really tired. No carefully wrought texts, each word delicately balanced and each sentence polished until it shines like the purest crystal… (Dream on! My ideal, certainly, but an elusive one). Yesterday I finished the last two projects still on my desk and sent the results to my customers. Hopefully there will be another project waiting for me upon my return, and as things are looking now there will be. Today, there are only loose odds and ends such as this web log, which I seldom get around to when I’m immersed in a project. Tomorrow a semi-business meeting in another town (Groningen; I warmly recommend it). The ‘semi-‘ refers to the fact that it will certainly involve some business, but most of it will be pleasure. Then packing a few last things in my suitcase on Thursday, get rid of the garbage, clean the cat’s litter tray, prepare instructions for the cat-sitters. And then…..GrondTaal will be closed. On the 29th of this month it will be business as usual. I will be refreshed and inspired and ready to produce more of those polished sentences and delicately balanced words – one can always hope.