It is hot. Hot outside and hot inside. Hot upstairs and slightly less hot downstairs. I wilt in temperatures others call ‘balmy’. My concentration drops to zero and my eyes droop. I have therefore moved The Office. GrondTaal now resides in the living room downstairs, its premises reduced to a laptop and some books. Let’s try again, shall we? No, no web surfing, focus on the text. It’s interesting, honestly, give it a chance. And no, you don’t need another cup of tea. Some ice cream from the Italian around the corner? Later. Concentrate on your work.
It is hot outside and hot inside. My concentration ebbs, my eyes burn. I’m wilting. My boss-me tells me to keep going for another hour. I will write a proposal to management-me to make director-me redundant for the rest of this day. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow I will hire myself again.
It is hot outside and hot inside.