Christmas Mailing

Another long period of silence. When business is busy, time for the blog is short. My most recent project involved writing an article for a client (not translating, original work; GrondTaal is constantly exploring new territory), and that took much time and thought. But now that I find myself briefly in between projects (come, dear clients, come!) there is room for other things. Right now I am preparing the Christmas mailing. Excuse me? Christmas mailing? In October? Yes, in October. It is entirely a DIYS job, both because of the costs and because I like to pretend I’m good at design and graphic arts (quod non). However, that does make it something which cannot be rushed at the last minute. There are addresses to be selected and checked, labels to be prepared (no small feat to have achieved that in spite of all the opposition Word could muster – veni, vidi, vici), the Christmas card itself to be designed. Finally the trip to the copy shop, comparable (I assume) to going to the maternity ward to have your baby. I always go to Aquarius, a delightful local shop, and as usual they made the delivery painless. All that is left for me to do is signing my own name in silver ink over 200 times, sticking the labels on the envelopes (idem) and waiting for the Dutch postal service TNT to produce their annual Christmas stamps.
With that out of the way, I can take up my Bach translation again. The man has reached the end of his life, and in a few pages he will meet an unpleasant end at the hands of a fake eye surgeon. Please tell this to any local quacks you may meet: ‘One of you lot murdered the greatest Western composer who ever lived!’ I have little hope that it will stop any of them, but it is worth a try.
Next week will be different: it will be GrondTaal’s annual retreat to Vlieland. Some religions acknowledge the existence of seven heavens. I know of only two: Vlieland and Schiermonnikoog. GrondTaal will be accompanied by Bach, books and breiwerk as well as a choice selection of linguistically stimulating DVD’s involving Orcs and Rings. No cars, no computers, no telephone. Business will be resumed on Monday, November 10th.